Thank God It’s Thursday

No, you aren’t reading wrong, I am grateful that today is Thursday because it is the fourth/last Thursday of the month and time to count the reasons for being thankful. For one, I’m thankful that today is the India-Australia match because it will mean less or rather no traffic on the streets hence less noise … Continue reading Thank God It’s Thursday

The Downward Facing Dog

   Strange are the ways of the world. English: Downward-Facing-Dog Български: Адхо Мукха Шванасана/Куче с муцуната надолу (Photo credit: Wikipedia In my attempt to contain those creeping kilos, I have tried many things right from zipping my lips to moving my hips. Walking, running, dancing, gyming, I seem to have done it all. My last … Continue reading The Downward Facing Dog

There’s no such thing as a Free Yoga Class

I have been doing Yoga ever since I was 17 years old. Of course in those days it was not cool to do Yoga especially as a teenager for only hippies and old ladies did it. But I did Yoga in my mother’s hope that I would grow tall. My mother is one of those … Continue reading There’s no such thing as a Free Yoga Class