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A different kind of Winter #SuperBloggerChallenge#instacuppa

This year Mumbai has experienced a different kind of Winter


Winter is here but I’m not SAD

Unlike most people, a Winter especially in Mumbai, makes me glad and not SAD

Image for Wordless Wednesday 24

Where has my city gone ? #WordlessWednesday

Good morning all and welcome to my first #WordlessWednesday of the year. This initiative by Esha and Natasha brings several bloggers together sharing their views of the world that speak more than mere words....

Grasp # The Daily Post 12

Grasp # The Daily Post

I look out of the window And watch the snow fall down As outstretched arms of trees Reach out to grasp the flakes Before they touch the ground And turn into a muddy puddle....


A Midsummer Night's dream in Winter

A fantastic winter wedding in Mumbai

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