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Artful toddlers #WordlessWednesday


With my right wrist fractured and my arm in a sling , I have to rely on my resources to blog. So here I am relying on Little Po and Ms. Papaya to cheer me up with their colourful masterpiece. Sharing this with Esha and Natasha’s #WordlessWednesday linky party. Ciao

Mumbai Diary, PHOTO

Happy Birthday dear Gandhiji


Mumbai has a deep connection with Gandhiji


Chowpatty at night #WordlessWednesday

Image for Wordless Wednesday

Eating out on Chowpatty is a quintessential  Mumbai experience. When we were little we loved going there and having a patta of sookhi bhel . While we kids munched on the crunch puffed rice, bits of poori, chopped onions and pieces of sour mango , our parents slurped down dozens of paani poori and tons …


Great Balls of Sweetness #WordlessWednesday

I was amazed at the size of these boondi laddoos hanging from a street shop


Lilies in the Garden #WordlessWednesday

As per my knowledge, these lilies bloom at Easter time and are called Easter Lilies. But Easter is a long way away,so I was quite surprised to see them today. What is more amazing is that they are growing right in front of my car parking space but I didn’t notice them all this while …


Goodbye Lord Ganesh #WordlessWednesday

Last night after dinner we heard the drums beating frenziedly downstairs. So we rushed out to the balcony and saw a sea of orange-clad devotees saying goodbye to Lord Ganesh in a raucous procession. While the festival is for ten days, many households keep him only for one and a half days. (Since we have …