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If we were having Coffee #WriteBravely

If we were having coffee…….. I’d serve it on the balcony overlooking the pale blue sea. We’d watch  the placid waters break out into a frothy frothy foam as it came closer to the land. If we were having coffee….. I would dip my crunchy Shrewsbury biscuit into the cup and lift it just before …


A delightful guest # WTFOW#Writing Bravely

There are lots of bloggers I admire and often ask them for guest posts. This time I’m happy to feature Dahlia Ghosal who is represented by this most glorious, fuschia pink Dahlia. I was intrigued by the picture and captivated by her style. I also found that she is not an active member of our …


Mapping an unforgettable memory #Writing Bravely

Image for Maps

‘I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6‘ and today’s prompt  on Day 3 (7 Aug/Mon) – Feature a map and write about a place either real or virtual brought back a host memories of a trip to Warsaw, Poland. My fascination with maps and map reading began with Mrs. Karat in Class 8 …


What is my Treasure? #WTFOW

Hail Chief Bhavya and my  fellow tribesmen  Shilpa, Holly, Menaka, Suleka, Shalu, Prisha,Shinjini, Krystle, Damyanti, and  Teammocktailmommies After the last blogging challenge that I’d participated in,  I had decided that Blogging Challenges were not for me. They didn’t really increase my traffic nor did they get me more followers. But what’s different now? Well, WRITE TRIBE …

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Shopping at Singapore IKEA

   Now IKEA is an international store selling everything from paper cups to paper pins. They also sell Swedish specialities like Swedish Meat Balls.  I had no intention of going shopping the very first day of my stay in Singapore but it was part of the training. “You should be able to tap yourself into …


Fashion Recall – Saris on Saturday # 100 Words On Saturday

While cleaning out the cupboard, an orange silk sari reminded me of another era when college chic meant ‘Saris on Saturday’  because we’d run out of clothes to wear by then.  Our regular wardrobe comprised a pair of ill-fitting denim jeans (a sad attempt at Levi, by the neighbourhood darzi ), worn with humongous ( ‘extra small’ …