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Roll Over Martha Stewart – HOME DIVA is here

Yesterday I attended a book launch at Essar House with my friend Nita. I met Nita at a friend’s birthday party at the end of March and since then, I’ve discovered we have a...

Glide over the City 4

Glide over the City

There’s nothing like a bird’s eye view of the city especially on a hot hot day


Holding up half the sky

                “Madam ji, can you lend me some money?” “But why? Every month you ask me for advance. I find it very difficult to keep track of...


Thank You A to Z

Well as they say, all good things come to an end. April was a month of madness for me, a month where I am totally blogged out. It has been challenging in more ways...


When the ground shakes

The last few days have been horrific for the people of Nepal. They’ve been horrific for several people all over the world too, those who’ve had their loved ones stuck in Nepal: with no...


Order in when Bai is Out.

Well today is May Day and if you are in  Bombay it is quite likely that your trusty Bai or maid is wishing you “bye for the holidays” or will wish you so shortly.May...

Z is for  Zebra Crossing, Zumba Dancing  and Zits 0

Z is for Zebra Crossing, Zumba Dancing and Zits

And finally all done!!!! It is rather hard to come up with a word associated with Z other than Zebra Crossing and Zumba Dancing. Zebra crossings are hard to find in my city simply...


Yoga for exercise and also for laughter

Sticking to the challenge was  the real challenge for me – to blog every day despite my life that asks me to cut myself in a thousand different parts to do a hundred different...

X is for Xerox as in photocopy 0

X is for Xerox as in photocopy



W is for Water – the sustainer of life

Just four to go! Hang in there! W is for water that quenches the thirst. W is for water that keeps you alive. Image Water is essential for every living being but strangely it...

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