Who is Unishta ?

Coming out of Anonymity
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Many years ago, when I complained to a photographer that my ID photo didn’t do me justice, he told me that I should look into the mirror before complaining!

Needless to say, this completely shattered my confidence in front of the camera.  And for several years I preferred hiding  behind anonymity. However, I’ve now decided to show my face after years of being a self effacing daughter,wife and mother. I’ve finally decided to shout out from the rooftops and so that you can hear my voice in the babble of the Internet.

Yes, it is the squeaky wheel that gets the most oil and now my aching and ageing bones and joints are badly in need of some grease .

I also need a great Ego Massage.

Indeed, my creative juices also need an outlet so that they continue to flow. So, going against the grain of being seen, it’s time for me to make my opinion known.

 Who is Unishta?

So here I am –  UNISHTA – a middle aged housewife who, like many others in the world, does “nothing” all day long. In the course of doing nothing, I pursue my passions of reading, writing, watching movies, listening to music and cooking. And on the days that I do something I travel, take photographs, write poems, do yoga, walk a lot, talk even more and generally give the impression that I’m doing nothing.

Over the years I’ve acquired many chins, lots of grey hair and plenty of experiences that I love to share. From my unique position as a person who almost always sees the bright side of life, I’ve bumbled through life. I have raised two girls into young professional women. There are innumerable times I’ve played hostess and tour guide to house guests from all over the world. In one of my roles, I assisted the MOH in his business.  And I’ve travelled the world several times over. So I think I have a tonne of experiences to share!

As a Mumbai girl who likes her chocolates sweet, her days sunny and her nights peaceful, with busy days getting busier and a tribe that’s growing daily,  I find it challenging to find time to write, read and share my thoughts with everyone out there in the Universe.

Between cooking up stories or food, or looking after grandchildren,or chasing away the pounds , I create content as a free lance writer for online portals.

I have published a cookbook that is more a compendium that captures a fast-vanishing way of life . I am compiling yet another which curates my everyday food.

You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter , Instagram

If you want me to guest post or develop content, you can email at

unishta at gmail dot com.

I have an opinion on everything and love sharing my views with the world. Sometimes my blog is a diary. At times it is a sounding board. Often it is an advisory and sometimes it is a canvas on which I just let my thoughts flow.

Thanks for stopping by.



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  1. So delighted you visited me and in turn gave me the opportunity to peruse your sight. You led me to some interesting bloggers. Your “About” and “I am” are both brief but say much about you (without giving it all away!). I find it interesting how people can be seemingly worlds apart from each other, but really have so much in common. I have said for years that doing “nothing” is actually doing something; hey maybe I will write a post on that bit-o-my philosophy. Thanks for the inspiration and I look forward to connecting with you in the future. xx

  2. Hello BB! So nice to see you and your lovely smile 🙂 That photographer should be ashamed of himself and this photograph shows how wrong he was 🙂 With having done ‘nothing’ for years I am sure you have tons to share – I look forward to reading, learning and sharing experiences. I like the new and more user friendly revamped look of your blog. Cheers!

  3. I’m so glad I found your blog. You and I seem different on the cover, but I deeply enjoy your content and plan on reading along for a while. You sound like an amazing and wise woman and I really am interested in what you have to share! It’s also phenomenal to me that you’ve written your own cook book (I have minimal cooking ability), and that it is actually personal to you. Preserving traditions is not an easy thing but it is necessary, and it’s awesome that you’ve created something for the past!

  4. So I decided to learn some more about you, Sunita!
    It was great reading about your journey; your sunny demeanour comes across through your words! Will surely visit your food blog now and hope to learn some easy recipes there.
    Cheers to you, girl! Here’s for “doing nothing”! 😛
    Shilpa Gupte recently posted…Care for your eyes.My Profile

  5. Homemakers are told so many times that they do nothing that eventually they start to believe that they actually do nothing. They are the shoulders on which the next generation stands tall, they are the hearts that give warmth to the present and they are the eyes that give vision to the future. So next time someone says homemakers do nothing, tell them they build the nation!

    You look beautiful and you believed a fool who tried to bring your confidence down!

  6. How nice to get to know you and to see your beautiful face. What a horrid comment from the photographer. I didn’t know you’d published a cookbook. WOW – just wow.

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