The true secret of life lies in taking a genuine interest in all the detail of daily life
   William Morris

A to Z Challenge 2020, BLOG HOPS & CHALLENGES

Where are the donkeys?

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Children have a different way of processing information. Often when we talk, we forget that more often than not, they often take things literally. Once, I was driving along Marine Drive with the Little People. It was peak hour traffic and I had to get home before their dinner time. The kids were tired and …

A to Z Challenge 2020, BLOG HOPS & CHALLENGES

Heaven in a Cloud

Two years ago we lost my father-in-law. Though he was very old and the children quite young, they still remember him. Unlike many old people , he enjoyed their company and he played with them every day. When he passed away, they were quite distraught. We explained to them that he had gone to heaven …

AtoZ 2020 Challenge, BLOG HOPS & CHALLENGES

Who is the Boss ?

At the end of the day, when the whole family meets over the dining table, conversations are generally about how the day went. And more often than not, everyone grumbles about their boss. One day Little Po asked his other grandma who was the boss of the house. His other Grandpa (whom he also calls …

AtoZ 2020 Challenge, BLOG HOPS & CHALLENGES

The Magic Word: A is for Abracadabra

Today is All Fools’ Day and I sincerely feel I must be one for attempting the A to Z Challenge. The last two years I gave this blog hop a miss but this year, of all years, when the whole world is almost in Lockdown Mode, I decided to give this challenge a shot. So …


Thank God It’s Almost Over #Gratitude circle

Well, I’m sure the whole world will agree with me that March was possibly the worst month of the year. At least I hope the coming months are better. But as usual, there are always lots of things to be grateful for. Health: Since the march of the virus, health has assumed prime importance in …


Unity in Adversity

If you put on the TV , you only hear updates on the Coronavirus. WhatsApp messages are about Coronavirus. And everyone is exhorting everyone to stay at home . Stay at home and flatten the curve . Slow down the March of the Virus. And in this endeavour we Indians are proving not only are …