It’s up and running

Yipee! I’ve finally done it.

I hope I’ve launched my last and final blog. Sounds ominous? Not really.

This is my attempt at reorganising my internet presence and integrating all my multiple blogs and identities.

So please do follow me on

I know this blog won’t be perfect but that’s part of the fun of constantly learning and re-inventing oneself. I will of course keep this blog still but will be slowly migrating to Mumbai On A High.

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Yet another new blog

Down from where I live is the temple of Babulnath . Legend has it that Babla was a cowherd who used to bring his cattle to graze in the neighbourhood and he had a dream that the Lord said he was getting prodded and poked in his underground home and needed to be brought out. So Babla dug out a shivling or the phallic representation of Lord Shiva and set him up in the temple that is known as Babulnath or the Temple of Babla’s Lord.  There are many Hindu temples where the idols have appeared ‘spontaneously ‘. These idols have often appeared in people’s dreams or have been accidentally found. The spontaneous generation of the Lord’s manifestation is known as “Swayambhu” which is the Sanskrit for autogeneration. 

For many years I used to wonder about this phenomenon till I found out that things do happen automatically. My blog for instance is one such example. Of course my blog doesn’t have any divine attributes , in fact it started out as an irreverent account of my daily life. Gradually its scope began to include book and movie reviews, opinions of things beyond my household, accounts of my travels and finally became a platform for me to showcase my creative writing as well.

At different times I began different blogs and discovered that I had multiple identities. So now I have finally understood what blogging is all about and how one needs to establish a brand and a cohesive identity. Blogging under different platforms only dilutes one’s readership. So now I am regrouping, resorting, and relaunching yet another blog MUMBAI ON A HIGH which I hope will be my home in the virtual world for a long time to come.

I am in the process of establishing this blog and will keep you updated on its progress.

Thank you my readers for your patience and support and look forward to your continued visits to 


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A fish in the sky

IMG_1560It’s been a long hot week and I was cooling off in the verandah watching the sun set and suddenly it struck me that the clouds looked like a fish. I ran to capture it on my camera but sadly couldn’t get the whole picture.

Can you see the outline of a fish among the scaly looking cloud formation?

IMG_1565 IMG_1564

At this time of year when the monotony of bright or pale blue is broken up with interesting cloud formations, I get to see the most spectacular sunsets from my balcony.

For more skies from around the world go visit here

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