The true secret of life lies in taking a genuine interest in all the detail of daily life
   William Morris

A to Z Challenge 2020, BLOG HOPS & CHALLENGES

Hair today, tomorrow gone

Hair is an obsession with many people. There are some women who make weekly appointments with their hairdressers to make sure their hair is just right. There are hundreds of hair ‘tonics’ to improve hair growth. My Little People are obsessed with their Hair. Perhaps it is genetic because their mothers are equally obsessed with …

A to Z Challenge 2020, BLOG HOPS & CHALLENGES

Cleaning up

Did you know that  Mumbai generates 8700 tonnes of solid waste every day? That is a lot of garbage to collect.  And it is equally hazardous for the conservation staff clearing up the mess. To streamline the collection process, the Municipality has introduced waste segregation and severe penalties to those flouting the rules. Seeing the …

A to Z Challenge 2020, BLOG HOPS & CHALLENGES

Daily Prayers and the Sanskrit Effect

Image for Prayers and the Sanskrit Effect

I had read somewhere that Sanskrit is very good for the brain. Particularly if children are taught to learn mantras and recite them every day. Several scientists have studied the effect of Sanskrit on young brains and have called this the Sanskrit Effect. Apart from this benefit, I personally think young children should have a …

A to Z Challenge 2020, BLOG HOPS & CHALLENGES

Handling employees

Image for Dealing with Employees

Hello and welcome to Week 2 of the AtoZ Challenge. Handling people at work is not an easy task. Every company employs people from diverse backgrounds and levels of education. In addition, every employee has his own set of attitudes and ideas. It can be quite frustrating to get your ideas across. And even more …

A to Z Challenge 2020, BLOG HOPS & CHALLENGES

Where are the donkeys?

Image for Where are the Donkeys

Children have a different way of processing information. Often when we talk, we forget that more often than not, they often take things literally. Once, I was driving along Marine Drive with the Little People. It was peak hour traffic and I had to get home before their dinner time. The kids were tired and …

A to Z Challenge 2020, BLOG HOPS & CHALLENGES

Heaven in a Cloud

Two years ago we lost my father-in-law. Though he was very old and the children quite young, they still remember him. Unlike many old people , he enjoyed their company and he played with them every day. When he passed away, they were quite distraught. We explained to them that he had gone to heaven …